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We only employ fully qualified professional inspectors.

1.    All inspectors are Qualified Home Builders with over 20 years experience.
2.    All are Registered with Building Commission of Victoria
           - Commercial / Domestic (umlimited category).
3.    Degree qualified Professional Engineers.
4.    Certified Timber Pest Inspectors (Australian Standards AS 4349.3-2010).
5.    We are Fully Insured.
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We offer free advise.

Call us to discuss if you need to have a building or pest inspection done. Sometimes spending money on a building inspection is not necessary and we will let you know if we think this is the case. For example, if the property is covered under a new builders warranty a condition report may have already been completed. It is important to ascertain who the builder was and contact them before signing your purchase contract in this case to ensure that the warranty is current and that the builders' business has not come into financial difficulties. In other situations a building inspection may also not be necessary such as when the buildings are to be demolished prior to development.

Our building and pest inspections are always competetively priced. We do not claim to to be the cheapest just the best!

From the director

For your peace of mind please ensure that the building and pest inspector you choose is appropriately and highly qualified. Most importantly check that they are registered with the Victorian Building Authority as both Domestic and Commercial builders. You can get this information by simply asking for registration numbers which are easily cross referenced on the VBA website.

Remember to ask if your inspector is appropriately insured, has the required certifications to conduct pest inspections and about how they maintain their industry professional development.

Finally, it is most important that these criteria are met by the actual inspector doing your next inspection. You really don't want the unskilled guy who the boss recently hired, put through a short 2 day in-house course and let loose, to conduct your inspection! Yes, apparently that's legal but its definately not ethical. It's no wonder there's a flurry of fly by night operators claiming to be legitimate building inspectors.

We hope you will choose our services for your next property purchase as we aim  to offer the best possible value to our local Melbourne clients.

Vic Vrsecky - Director

We Can Conduct Your Building Inspection Right Now?

BestBuid Building Inspections specialises in last minute pre auctions Inspections. Call us now and we will drop everything. Be sure, get a condition report prior to bidding Today!

If you dont win the Auction, we'll conduct another inspection at Half Price -


If by chance you don't win at the first auction, but you're interested in another home that needs inspecting we will conduct another building inspection in an around melbourne on the new property for HALF THE USUAL PRICE.

We understand that buying multiple reports can be very costly and we're here to help!

Do we build as well?

Yes we also offer a building service that we are extremely proud of. We do not just shuffle paper about. We are real home builders who are registered with the VBA, and we are current with building industry standards and regulations. We maintain our professional development in the industry and get our hands dirty where we need to. We carry $10,000,000 liability insurance for your peace of mind.

We stand by our policy that each and every one of our customers receives No. 1 priority and first class service. Whether we are working on a million dollar home build or a $500 pre-purchase inspection, we care! We understand that our customer relationships are what keeps us in business today, tomorrow and year after year.

Do you have a Building Project in mind - We Custom Build and Renovate
       Discerning customers select BestBuild's red carpet Custom Design Service.

Before building you may engage us to discuss your requirements utilising our extensive knowledge and experience. We take the time to sit with you to discuss layouts and the special features important to you. Only then do we move to design and build to your specific requirements. This service is availlable for as low as $5000.

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Board Certified Construction Attorney, Christopher Weiss, explains why it is important to hire a certified building inspector.