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posted 2016-Sept-10, 10:09 pm

Highly recommend BestBuild inspectors. Fast and thorough inspection completed in Oakleigh with a 20 page report supplied the same day. It was detailed and easy to understand which made our decision really easy. 5/5stars

Bek S.

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posted 2016-May-12, 9:29 pm

We just bought our property after having it inspected by BestBuild and so glad we did. Not only do we have peace ofmind but the report highlighted some issues we had to bring up with the vendor and were able to build them into the final contract, Many well spent and we would definately recommend BestBuild

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posted 2016-Mar-10, 7:19 pm

BestBuild inspectors saved us from disaster discovering major problems that we didn't see in the first home we were looking to putchase. 5 stars thank you so much. We have now had our second inspection from BestBuild and the report cleared everything up for us. Very happy with our purchase now.

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posted 2016-Jan-22, 8:16 am
We used BUYWISE in 2007 and the report was woeful and a complete waste of money.
Even after specifically asking them to check two major things they failed to do either and pointed to an extremely long list of exclusions and cops outs. I wanted them to check that the re-stumping was done at all and properly and that the electrical had been re-wired.
After taking possession we found many major failings in their report. New extension built in 2005 no ceiling insulation. (multiple building inspectors/certifiers obviously missed this).
Kitchen and front room no ceiling insulation.
Full roof tiling done very poorly. Top down and with wrong flashing in roof transitions leading to obvious leaks. Gas meter under the house. Normal house 40cm off ground. Not illegal according to gas company but very unsual. No appliances tested.
Termite inspection not completed as it was too hard and not much room. Boo hoo, I've been under there and yes it's tight and no pleasant, but that's your job and you still charged full whack.
I would never use them again and wouldn't use archicentre either as they aren't qualified, since they are just paper architects.What you really need is a decent builder with electrical and plumbing certs or knowledge. My sister hired BestBuild Building inspectors recently and there was no comparison in the service they provided. Full explanation and an easy to read document. Good on you Sharyn, I'll use them too next time!

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posted 2014-Oct-25, 12:46 pm

Hi, I can strongly recommend BestBuild Building Inspections. Vic was fantastic and very professional. He knew what to look for when doing the inspections for me. I couldn't see structural or termite damage but sure enough Vic sighted it and saved me $$$. Very efficient to say the least. Pretty sure he will travel all over Melbourne and sometimes country Victoria. BestBuild Building Inspections get a big thumbs up from me. User

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andy white

posted 2015-Feb-3, 11:51 pm

Highly recomend BestBuild Building and Pest Inspections *****. Andy. W.

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posted 2015-Mar-7, 4:22 pm

I recently used Jim's Building Inspections on a house in north Melbourne, the inspector corresponded only by email, and was initially confused by their own form and tried to inspect my current property (!). This should have raised alarms – I am in a flat and I had asked him to inspect a house.
When it came to the survey they emailed through a very detailed 37 page document with photographs of EVERYTHING (light switches, door handles, insides of kitchen drawers..) All the things any layman could see, but on the day of auction we missed out in a very aggressive bidding war and as we were leaving a neighbour came up to us at our car to leave and told us not to worry as we had 'dodged a bullet' as the house had been 'ravaged' by damp. There was NO mention of damp issues anywhere on the survey.
in fact the 'report' stated:
'This report excludes assessment of: Footings below ground, concealed damp proof course, electrical installations, concealed plumbing, adequacy of roof drainage, gas fittings and fixtures ... operation of fireplaces and chimneys, flues and solid fuel heaters, ... timber and metal framing size and adequacy, concealed tie downs and bracing, timber pest activity, other mechanical or electrical equipment such as soil conditions, control joints, sustainable development provisions, concealed timber frames, landscaping, rubbish, floor coverings, furniture and accessories, stored items, insulation, environmental matters or lighting and energy efficiency.'
So what is the point of it????
-1 to Jims Inspections and I've never been so pleased to be outbid!

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posted 2015-Nov-25, 6:16 pm

I went through and had a great experience. The business is owned and run by Vic Vrsecky who does all the inspections himself. I didn't realize but apparently a lot of inspectors aren't actually registered builders, and I think these are the ones where all the horror stories come from. Vic is a builder for over 20 years and registered in the unlimited class (the highest domestic category). I checked his credential with the Building Commision before getting into inspections so I felt pretty confident going with him. He is also a degree qualified electrical engineer. He picked up some defects in the house I was looking at that it turned out would've cost me over $15k to fix so the service definitely paid for itself.

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